[ jeym-suhn ]


  1. Sir Leander Starr [stahr] Doctor Jameson, 1853–1917, Scottish physician and statesman: colonial administrator in South Africa.


/ ˈdʒeɪmsən /


  1. JamesonSir Leander Starr18531917MBritishPOLITICS: colonial administratorPOLITICS: statesman Sir Leander Starr. 1853–1917, British administrator in South Africa, who led an expedition into the Transvaal in 1895 in an unsuccessful attempt to topple its Boer regime (the Jameson Raid ); prime minister of Cape Colony (1904–08)

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Example Sentences

The whiskey is made at the Midleton Distillery, located at the southern end of Ireland, which is also home to other whiskies your father might enjoy, including Jameson and Redbreast.

Twelve was the fourth-best-selling Irish whiskey in 2019, behind only a trio of long-established brands in Jameson, Tullamore Dew and Bushmills.

By 2013, that figure rose to $61 million, surpassing Jameson Irish whiskey and Patron tequila.

She's well spoken, educated, and sober—a far cry from the one-time face of the adult world, Jenna Jameson.

Belle Knox is the antithesis of Jenna Jameson—and not just in looks.

Five years after exiting the adult industry, the iconic Jenna Jameson is making a triumphant return.

How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson and bestselling author Neil Strauss.

As with Mr. Jameson's 'Irex,' 'Mab's' centreboard was discarded, and each became the crack of her respective season.

Commander Jameson, withdraw all men and equipment except those necessary for the final packing.

Sophia Jameson, one of Charlie Reynolds' old flames, was there.

Professor Jameson, in spite of all his amazing computations before his death, was staggered by the reality.

It was increased to many times the size Professor Jameson had ever seen it during his natural lifetime.


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