[ jah-mee-luh ]

  1. a female given name: from a Swahili word meaning “beautiful.”

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How to use Jamila in a sentence

  • Then Jamila was sure it was a man, and said: 'Be comforted, I will restore you to your own shape.'

    The Brown Fairy Book | Andrew Lang
  • The mother looked in despair when she heard this, as she said, “Jamila will cry if she cannot have her meat and bread and pillau!”

  • When the nurse went to fix the cord she saw tears falling from its eyes, and that it was dejected and sorrowful 'O Lady Jamila!

    The Brown Fairy Book | Andrew Lang
  • Even when he was a deer the prince had much admired Jamila now he thought her a thousand times more lovely than before.

    The Brown Fairy Book | Andrew Lang