[ jang-guh l ]
/ ˈdʒæŋ gəl /

verb (used without object), jan·gled, jan·gling.

to produce a harsh, discordant sound, as two comparatively small, thin, or hollow pieces of metal hitting together: The charms on her bracelet jangle as she moves.
to speak angrily; wrangle.

verb (used with object), jan·gled, jan·gling.

to cause to make a harsh, discordant, usually metallic sound: He jangled the pots and pans.
to cause to become irritated or upset: The loud noise of the motors jangled his nerves.


a harsh or discordant sound.
an argument, dispute, or quarrel.

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Origin of jangle

1250–1300; Middle English janglen < Old French jangler < Germanic; compare Middle Dutch jangelen to haggle, whine

Related formsjan·gler, nounjan·gly, adjective

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Examples from the Web for jangler

  • Been all the same if that there jangler had alarmed the whole blessed country.

    Mad|George Manville Fenn
  • And distinctly they heard the faint, far tinkle of the jangler calling again for "full speed ahead."

    The Riverman|Stewart Edward White
  • Chaucer, in his description of the Miller, calls this merry narrator of fabliaux a jangler and a goliardeis.

British Dictionary definitions for jangler


/ (ˈdʒæŋɡəl) /


to sound or cause to sound discordantly, harshly, or unpleasantlythe telephone jangled
(tr) to produce a jarring effect onthe accident jangled his nerves
an archaic word for wrangle


a harsh, unpleasant ringing noise
an argument or quarrel
Derived Formsjangler, noun

Word Origin for jangle

C13: from Old French jangler, of Germanic origin; compare Middle Dutch jangelen to whine, complain

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