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/ ˈstræŋɡlə /


  1. a person or thing that strangles
  2. a plant, esp a fig in tropical rain forests, that starts as an epiphyte but sends roots to the ground and eventually forms a tree with many aerial roots, usually killing the host
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Example Sentences

During the hunt for the strangler, the area was flooded with cops.

Ever since the strangler,” addict Will Sims says, “we do everything out in the open and the cops are cool with it.

The women the Kensington Strangler has targeted are frightened but not deterred.

Or maybe he would just send round The Sulphate Strangler to do the dirty for him.

And various grewsome objects, a card case of human skin, and the twisted scarf used by a strangler.

You are back with the man who killed the two that night—the strangler of the millionaire and the recluse.

The weight swings the cord round and round, while the strangler pulls the other end, and death is inevitable.

He looked across at the Strangler, and found the dark bright eyes of the Malay fixed intently upon him.

Jack's head dropped forward, and the dancing girl nodded to the strangler to loose his frightful clutch.


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