[ rang-gler ]
/ ˈræŋ glər /


a cowboy, especially one in charge of saddle horses.
a person who wrangles or disputes.
(at Cambridge University, England) a person placed in the first class in the mathematics tripos.

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Origin of wrangler

1505–15; wrangle + -er1; (def 1) orig. horse-wrangler, probably partial translation of Mexican Spanish caballerango groom, stable boy, with -erango suggesting wrangler

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British Dictionary definitions for wrangler


/ (ˈræŋɡlə) /


one who wrangles
Western US and Canadian a herder; cowboy
a person who handles or controls animals involved in the making of a film or television programmea snake wrangler
British (at Cambridge University) a candidate who has obtained first-class honours in Part II of the mathematics tripos. The wrangler with the highest marks is called the senior wrangler
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"person in charge of horses or cattle, herder," 1888, agent noun from wrangle (v.); as a proprietary name for a brand of jeans, copyrighted 1947, claiming use from 1929.

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