[ jan-i-tris ]

  1. a woman who is a janitor.

Origin of janitress

An Americanism dating back to 1885–90; janit(o)r + -ess

usage note For janitress

See -ess.

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How to use janitress in a sentence

  • My janitress sports a diminutive pair of those jewels and has hopes of larger ones!

    Worldly Ways and Byways | Eliot Gregory
  • It could not be made to penetrate the exiguous oven of the little gas-stove, but we bribed the janitress to cook it for us.

    A Top-Floor Idyl | George van Schaick
  • Had to have the janitress come up to hook it in the back and I hope nothing gives way.

    A Top-Floor Idyl | George van Schaick
  • Now it's none of my business to interfere with people's comings and goings in this house, being as I'm only the janitress.

    The Long Day | Dorothy Richardson
  • It appears that mother was a janitress in Boston, and had several children by various fathers.