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[ jav-lin, jav-uh- ]


  1. a light spear, usually thrown by hand.
  2. Track.
    1. a spearlike shaft about 8½ feet (2.7 meters) long and usually made of wood, used in throwing for distance.
    2. Also called javelin throw. a competitive field event in which the javelin is thrown for distance.

verb (used with object)

  1. to strike or pierce with or as if with a javelin.


/ ˈdʒævlɪn /


  1. a long pointed spear thrown as a weapon or in competitive field events
  2. the javelin
    the event or sport of throwing the javelin

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Word History and Origins

Origin of javelin1

1505–15; < Middle French javeline, by suffix alteration from javelot, Anglo-French gavelot, gaveloc, probably < Old English gafeluc, *gafeloc British Celtic *gablākos presumably, a spear with a forklike head; compare MIr gablach forked branch, javelin, MWelsh gaflach (apparently < OIr), derivative of Old Irish gabul fork, forked branch, cognate with Old Breton gabl, Welsh gafl

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Word History and Origins

Origin of javelin1

C16: from Old French javeline, variant of javelot, of Celtic origin

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Example Sentences

The most famous of these skirmish infantry arguably related to the elite light crack troops of Agrianians, who numbered around 1,000 and carried both short and long javelins.

Some have even hypothesized how these hoplites at the rear may have held their shields at a particular angle so as to deflect the arrows or javelins thrown by the foe.

He grabbed the javelin and threw it back — farther than it had been thrown in the first place.

Often in trouble at school, he was assigned to do maintenance at the baseball field one day when an errant javelin from track practice landed nearby.

Which means however far you threw that javelin, it wasn’t far enough to get you all past her ex.

From Ozy

Like his predecessors, his background was as a javelin thrower.

But Javelin Strategy estimates that in 2012, credit-card-fraud losses were approximately $10 billion.

Without the javelin in his hand he walked through the entire delivery for us in slow motion, describing it as he did so.

Jeremy Hunt has introduced a new sport to the Games, to go with the discus, shot put, javelin.

Murder boards work if they prepare you for all the javelin-like questions.

He tells me he has often seen him throw a javelin there, and strike a small mark at a surprising distance.

From the age of five to twenty-four years they are taught to use the bow, to throw the javelin, to ride, and to speak the truth.

Lightning gathered in a vast javelin and flamed down upon them.

A stone is slung and a javelin cast, though both fall short.

Ninyas hesitated; and once more his hand stole towards the javelin by the wall.


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More About Javelin

What does javelin mean?

A javelin is the pointed, spearlike pole used in the track-and-field event known as javelin or the javelin throw—in which athletes compete to throw it as far as they can.

The javelin event is one of the “field” events in track and field, which also include other events in which objects are thrown as far as possible, namely discus and shot put. All three are events in the summer Olympic Games (the Summer Games) and are also events in the modern decathlon.

The word javelin also refers to the ancient throwing spear on which the javelin used in the athletic event is based.

Its original military use is referenced in the name of an U.S. military missile system known as Javelin.

Example: I’m training for the javelin and shot put with my track-and-field team.

Where does javelin come from?

The first records of the word javelin come from the 1500s, in reference to the weapon. The word comes from the Middle French javelot, probably from the British Celtic gablākos, which likely meant something like “forked spear.”

The sport of javelin throwing evolved from the ancient use of spears for hunting and warfare. The ancient Greek Olympic Games featured javelin throwing as a part of the five-event competition known as the pentathlon. The javelin throw was adopted into the modern Olympic Games in 1908, and has been included in every Summer Olympics since. A women’s javelin event was added to the Olympics in 1932.

Under modern javelin rules, the javelin must land point-first, but it does not need to stick into the ground in order for the throw to count.

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What are some synonyms for javelin?

  • javelin throw (in reference to the event)
  • spear

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How is javelin used in real life?

Most people are familiar with the javelin as a track-and-field event at the Summer Olympics.

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For a javelin attempt to count, the javelin must stick into the ground.




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