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/ dʒɔːz /

plural noun

  1. the narrow opening of some confined place such as a gorge
  2. the jaws
    a dangerously close position

    the jaws of death

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Example Sentences

Yet when the new regulations for the UK Audiovisual Media Services 2014 were announced, jaws dropped.

One person who is blind uses the “Jaws” screenreader software.

They can grow to be up to 26 feet long and over 7,000 pounds, and one of the Jaws impersonators in this video is evidence of that.

Then he leaned over to catch what Lou, his face twitching and jaws contracting, was saying to him.

When they did finally find the now infamous V. Stiviano recording, their jaws dropped.

The strength of the lion is tremendous, owing to the immense mass of muscle around its jaws, shoulders, and forearms.

As they looked toward the spot, the fearful head and jaws of a crocodile could be seen reaching up out of the water.

Fire was again given to the voracious jaws of the boilers, and the three engines recommenced their labours and their rivalries.

All at once, a crocodile appeared close to the boat, capsized it, and with open jaws was ready to devour the man.

Dan's jaws came together with a snap and a dark scowl came over his face.


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