[ juh-hohl; Chinese zhuh-hoh, ruh- ]

  1. a region and former province in northeastern China: incorporated into Manchukuo by the Japanese 1932–45. 74,297 sq. mi. (192,429 sq. km).

  2. former name of Chengde.

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How to use Jehol in a sentence

  • The troops landed at Tientsin and marched on Peking; the emperor fled to Jehol and did not return; he died in 1861.

  • She was reading the book she had purchased in the Golden Temple of Jehol.

    Hour of Enchantment | Roy J. Snell
  • Tripping lightly to the elevator door, she went speeding downward and was soon on her way to the Golden Temple of Jehol.

    Hour of Enchantment | Roy J. Snell
  • It starts from this seaport and proceeds northward through the mountainous region of Jehol by Kienping and Chihfeng.

  • Only, he must somehow reach the village three days' journey beyond Jehol—if only he could arrive in time.

    Civilization | Ellen Newbold La Motte

British Dictionary definitions for Jehol


/ (dʒəˈhɒl) /

  1. a former province of NE China, north of the Great Wall: divided among Hebei, Liaoning, and Inner Mongolia in 1956. Area: 192 380 sq km (74 278 sq miles)

  2. a region of NE China, in Hebei and Liaoning provinces: mountainous

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