[ jel-uh-tawng, -tong ]
/ ˈdʒɛl əˌtɔŋ, -ˌtɒŋ /


a tree, Dyera costulata, of the Malay Peninsula, from which a resinous latex is obtained.
Also called pontianak. the latex of these trees, used as a substitute for chicle.
Also called devil tree. a tropical Old World tree, Alstonia scholaris, of the dogbane family, of which the bark is used in medicine.

Origin of jelutong

Borrowed into English from Malay around 1830–40 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for jelutong

  • Rubber of various qualities is now made from the latex of the Jelutong tree.

    Rubber|Edith A. Browne
  • The tapping of Jelutong is roughly done by natives, and the milk is coagulated by the help of petroleum.

    Rubber|Edith A. Browne

British Dictionary definitions for jelutong


/ (ˈdʒɛləˌtɒŋ) /


a Malaysian apocynaceous tree of the genus Dyera, esp D. costulata
the latex obtained from this tree, used in the manufacture of chewing gum
the wood of this tree

Word Origin for jelutong

C19: from Malay
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