[ juh-mahy-muh ]


  1. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “dove.”

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Example Sentences

The news of the independence declaration hadn’t reached Boonesboro when 13-year-old Jemima and two other girls ventured out to pick flowers and escape the gaze of their parents.

Kirke, the 23-year-old younger sister of Girls star Jemima Kirke, is a good example of that herself.

Jemima Khan, nee Goldsmith, is the daughter of one of Britain's richest men, Sir Jimmy Goldsmith, who died in 1997.

Playing Jessa is both a blessing and a curse for Jemima Kirke.

No, we have not eaten out a closeted lesbian in a rehab facility, as Jessa (Jemima Kirke) does in the premiere.

Other guests included Tom Ford and Jemima Khan, European editor-at-large of the magazine.

Well, this Miss Jemima lived with her younger and more fortnat sister, in the qualaty of companion, or toddy.

It was not much at first; no more than just enough to show that Jemima could be in a passion, and probably would some day.

When the rebuke was given, poor Jemima emptied her heart completely; and very curious the contents proved to be.

Jemima was bending over her work; yet Miss B. saw that her face was crimson, and heard that her voice was agitated.

So he was allowed to call for Jemima on class evenings, and to come now and then to the house.