[ zhuhn, ruhn ]


  1. a compassionate love for humanity or for the world as a whole.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of jen1

< Chinese (Wade-Giles) jên2, (pinyin) rén

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Example Sentences

Jen Newbauer’s sudden and unexpected passing prompted dozens of postings on social media by her numerous friends, who described her as warm, outgoing, and highly supportive of all those she knew and associated with.

“Our volunteers donate their time, materials, and use of their 3-D printers to create them,” Jen Owen, a member of e-NABLE, said.

Why they do it who knows, but the Tragic Jen narrative has never run out of steam, even with the presence of the .

In this collection of personal essays, journalist Jen Doll recounts her experiences at 17 some odd weddings.

Every time Jen Selter posts a picture on Instagram, she gets thousands of likes and comments within minutes.

Jen Selter has turned photos of her sculpted derriere into a moneymaking career.

Abiogenesis, ab-i-o-jen′es-is, n. the origination of living by not-living matter, spontaneous generation.

Acrogen, ak′ro-jen, n. a plant that grows at the top chiefly, as a tree-fern.

Agamogenesis, a-gam-o-jen′e-sis, n. reproduction without sex, found among lower animals and in plants.

Pangenesis, pan-jen′e-sis, n. the theory that every separate part of the whole organisation reproduces itself.

Perigenesis, per-i-jen′e-sis, n. wave-generation, the dynamic theory of reproduction by a kind of wave-motion of plastidules.


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