[ yen-zuhn for 1; yen-suhn for 2 ]

  1. J. Hans D. [hahns], /hɑns/, 1907–73, German physicist: Nobel Prize 1963.

  2. Jo·han·nes Vil·helm [yaw-hah-nuhs vil-helm], /yɔˈhɑ nəs ˈvɪl hɛlm/, 1873–1950, Danish poet and novelist: Nobel Prize 1944.

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British Dictionary definitions for Jensen


/ (Danish ˈjɛnsən) /

  1. Johannes Vilhelm (joˈhanəs ˈvɪlhelm). 1873–1950, Danish novelist, poet, and essayist: best known for his novel sequence about the origins of mankind The Long Journey (1908–22). Nobel prize for literature 1944

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Scientific definitions for Jensen


[ yĕnzən ]

  1. German physicist who, with Maria Goeppert-Mayer, developed a model of the atomic nucleus that explained why certain nuclei were stable and had an unusual number of stable isotopes. For this work, Jensen and Goeppert-Mayer shared the 1963 Nobel Prize for physics with American physicist Eugene Wigner.

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