[ he-reth, -res ]

  1. a city in southwestern Spain: noted for its sherry.: Also called Je·rez de la Fron·te·ra [he-reththe lah frawn-te-rah]. /hɛˈrɛθ ðɛ lɑ frɔnˈtɛ rɑ/. Formerly Xe·res [Spanish he-res] /Spanish ˈhɛ rɛs/ .

  1. pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling sherry from Jerez.

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How to use Jerez in a sentence

  • I went to Jerez, with a letter from Pastia to a dealer in anisette whose house was the smugglers' meeting-place.

    Carmen | Prosper Merimee
  • To the west we distinguish Jerez, 40 miles away, and beyond it the shining Atlantic.

    Unexplored Spain | Abel Chapman
  • Even Jerez with its 60,000 inhabitants boasts no suburban zone.

    Unexplored Spain | Abel Chapman
  • Jerez climbed a tall tree and coming down reported forest and mountain, and naught else.

    1492 | Mary Johnston
  • Between Cadiz and Seville you stop at the buffet of Jerez to drink a glass of sherry in its native place.

    Southern Spain | A.F. Calvert

British Dictionary definitions for Jerez


/ (Spanish xeˈrɛθ) /

  1. a town in SW Spain: famous for the making of sherry. Pop: 191 002 (2003 est): Official name: Jerez de la Frontera (xeˈrɛð ðe la frɔnˈtera) Former name: Xeres

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