[ jet-blak ]


  1. deep-black:

    jet-black hair.

jet black


    1. a deep black colour
    2. ( as adjective )

      jet-black hair

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Word History and Origins

Origin of jet-black1

First recorded in 1475–85

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Example Sentences

They dyed my hair jet-black, and I was going to get my tongue pierced.

Nor is it mine, perhaps because I've still got lots of it, though it is no longer jet black.

With an Iranian accent, jet-black hair and no experience in Hollywood, of course I am limited.

“Sophie had this jet black hair, white skin, and quivering cleavage,” Rupert Everett says.

“Sophie had this jet black hair, white skin, and quivering cleavage,” he says.

Again, the big howitzers led the infernal orchestra pitting the face of no man's land with jet black blotches.

Jet black ringlets—then in vogue—clustered round an exceedingly fair face, on which there dwelt the hue of robust health.

Violet embroidered two beautiful eyes in black and white, and a jet black nose-tip.

The complexion was not jet black, like the typical negro, but of a dull brown hue, the hair being somewhat similar in color.

The Semangs of Malacca are jet-black in color, with thick lips, flat nose, and protruding abdomen.