[ zhœ ]


, French.
, plural jeux [zh, œ].
  1. a game.

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Example Sentences

He works for Les Inrockuptibles, Le Point and La Règle du Jeu.

Writing in La Règle du Jeu, he points out the commonalities between this “reasoning” and the worst rhetoric of the extreme right.

“You know in Paris, and remember that scene at the Jeu de Paume,” he says.

This inelegant jeu de theatre is severely ridiculed in the "Rehearsal."

One of our poets, in a very clever jeu d'esprit, spoke of Mr. Browning as 'thinking in Greek.'

Et que ceulx qui estoient la fenestre estoient bien aises de veoir jouer le jeu mes despens.

The noble jeu de paume, the game of kings, the most aristocratic of all sports, should have a worthy home at Lupton.

For a jeu d'esprit of that kind it is too long; it would have suited better as an essay or article than as a volume.





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