noun, plural Ji·ca·ril·las, (especially collectively) Ji·ca·ril·la for 1.

a member of a group of North American Indians who once inhabited primarily northern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado and are situated in northwestern New Mexico.
the Athabaskan language of the Jicarilla.

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Historical Examples of jicarilla

  • Like the Jicarilla Apaches, these people have discovered the virtues of the inner bark of the black pine.

  • He grabs for the Jicarilla work, which I can get almost cheaper than anybody, for I know the head men.

  • Shortly before dawn the Jicarilla came and entered the corral to exhibit their alli or show.

  • It was yet early in the day when I reached gojil, where the Jicarilla and friendly Ute were encamped.

  • These are not the Rangers returning, but a band of Jicarilla Apaches—young braves out on a roving excursion.

    The Lone Ranche

    Captain Mayne Reid