noun, plural jim·mies.

a short crowbar.
a large male crab, especially of Chesapeake Bay.

verb (used with object), jim·mied, jim·my·ing.

to force open (a door, window, etc.) with a jimmy: The burglar got in by jimmying the back door.

Also especially British, jemmy.

Origin of jimmy

1840–50; generic use of Jimmy; cf. jack1
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Related Words for jimmied

lever, force, pry, open, crowbar

Examples from the Web for jimmied

Contemporary Examples of jimmied

  • “The guy,” he said, referring to his friend Gates, forgot his keys, jimmied his way to get into the house.

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    Obama's Insecure Slip

    Tina Brown

    July 27, 2009

Historical Examples of jimmied

  • Then he pried off the door of the interior compartment which had been jimmied open.

    The Silent Bullet

    Arthur B. Reeve

  • Kennedy nodded and continued to examine the place where the compartment had been jimmied.

    The Silent Bullet

    Arthur B. Reeve

  • He jimmied the timer on the rocket motor so it would fire to the last drop.

    Far from Home

    J.A. Taylor

  • They jimmied the back door and hauled the stuff off in a truck.

    The Arrow of Fire

    Roy J. Snell

  • Fletcher swung the door wide, and pointed to a little compartment inside, whose steel door had been jimmied open.

    The Silent Bullet

    Arthur B. Reeve

British Dictionary definitions for jimmied


noun, verb plural -mies or -mies, -mying or -mied

the US word for jemmy



Central Scot slang an informal term of address to a male stranger
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Word Origin and History for jimmied



"burglar's crowbar," 1848, variant of jemmy, name for a type of crowbar much used by burglars, special use of Jemmy, familiar form of proper name James (also see jack).



1893, from jimmy (n.). Related: Jimmied; jimmying.

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