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[ jing-goh-is-tik ]


  1. militantly nationalistic or chauvinistic:

    To be against the war in that jingoistic era was considered tantamount to treason.

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  • jin·go·ist noun adjective
  • jin·go·is·ti·cal·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

By going, they were doing their duty as Americans to expand the frontier—a jingoistic rhetoric with godly Manifest Destiny overtones.

Say “freedom,” and you simultaneously evoke jingoistic policies and legacies of resistance, jarring opportunism and escapist tranquility, defiance and ease, protection and condescension, potential and burden.

While we don’t watch the Olympics with a particularly jingoistic mindset, that American edge with female athletes was important because doping penalties did not slow Russia — excuse us, the ROC — down at all.

Mary Lou Retton’s all-around gold in 1984 at the jingoistic boycotted Games was portrayed as a triumph of capitalism over Communism.

In the fevered race for power and supremacy, concerns about ethics and sustainability are drowned out by jingoistic cheers.

The voice, the jingoistic voice, bordering on fascist voice, is what is so very loud now.

Paradoxically, democratic reforms have fed the jingoistic chorus.

Nor was she jingoistic, concluding: “It was very sad that we had to do it, but we really had no choice.”

I mean the people who actually saw the war through a conservative—as opposed to jingoistic and imperialistic—lens.

The press is almost universally jingoistic, because it is financially interested in sensationalism.

He knew the game well, and was able to inspire a keenness that was not jingoistic.


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