jinnee, djinni or djinny

/ (dʒɪˈniː, ˈdʒɪnɪ) /

nounplural jinn or djinn (dʒɪn)
  1. a being or spirit in Muslim belief who could assume human or animal form and influence man by supernatural powers

Origin of jinni

C17: from Arabic

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How to use jinni in a sentence

  • If you take a jinni or a swan-maiden you can go from Cairo to Bokhara in less time than our best expresses could cover a mile.

  • It was a keen-eared young Lur who first heard afar the pant of the mysterious jinni.

  • The building is the abode of jinni, and no one who goes in is ever able to come out by the same door.

    Southern Arabia | Theodore Bent
  • Who does not sympathise with the Trader who killed the invisible son of the jinni?

  • Old Sheikh Sehel and his men stuck to it that they had constantly seen jinni, and their belief in them seems deeply rooted.

    Southern Arabia | Theodore Bent