or Joc·e·lin, Joc·e·line, Joc·e·lynne

[ jos-uh-lin, jos-lin ]


  1. a female given name, form of Joyce.

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Example Sentences

Jocelyn Cooper was an AR executive at Universal Records before joining her partner Matthew Morgan in producing AfroPunk.

He had girlfriends, and as far as others knew, took care of a beautiful little girl named Jocelyn.

Jocelyn Kelley was a junior in high school when she first started watching Oprah seriously—getting hooked on the Book Club.

The Fembots of yesteryear, like Jocelyn Wildenstein and Amanda Lepore, were generally treated as oddities.

Jocelyn Guest is a writer and performer based in New York City.

Mistral had professed great admiration for the author of Jocelyn even before 1859, but as poets they stand in marked contrast.

Marie leant over Nestorius until her dusky cheek almost touched Jocelyn's fair English one.

Jocelyn nodded gravely, and continued the gentle swaying motion affected by women under such circumstances.

Thus it came about that the dawn found Jocelyn moving softly in the room, with Nestorius asleep in her arms.

Jocelyn kept moving, so that the changing air wafted over the little bare limbs might allay the fever.