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/ ˈdʒɒɡɪŋ /


  1. running at a slow regular pace usually over a long distance as part of an exercise routine

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Example Sentences

Other footage shows him fleeing, keeping to a quick walk, jogging briefly, then walking again as he heads for a subway station.

GIF-able when he goes jogging in sweatpants, if you know what I mean.

So she heard the shutter click and said ‘Oh no’ and came jogging over at me.

One headline even read, “Jozy Altidore is Jogging,” which sounds like a bizarre Tumblr.

Bratton saw a woman jogging along the far side of the street.

MacRae brought the glasses to bear, and said it was two Policemen jogging toward camp.

Twenty minutes jogging brought us into a stretch of rough country, a series of knobs and ridges cut by innumerable coulées.

The words seemed to be repeated cruelly, insistently, by the jogging of the train and the rumble of the wheels.

Jogging on over the sand, I sat silent, cudgelling my brains for a solution of the disastrous predicament I had gotten into.

Two hours' steady jogging followed, in which they were thrown about until every inch of skin on their bodies was raw with bruises.


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