[ yoh-hahn ]


  1. a male given name, Germanic form of John.

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Example Sentences

Omar Amin was not an Egyptian but rather a convert to Islam once known as Johann von Leers.

This she did, choosing to write three lines by the German poet and philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder.

In 2008, the British Orwell Prize embarrassed itself by awarding its honor to Johann Hari.

Dawkins quotes British journalist Johann Hari: “I respect you too much to respect your ridiculous beliefs,” he says.

As indeed Johann Sigismund had anticipated, and been warned from all quarters, to expect.

Poor Johann George came out of it in that way; not second-best, think several.

Johann Soter, 1518–36, is another exceedingly interesting personality in the early history of Cologne printing.

Then all she had to do was to come back and send a picture postcard to her brother Johann, one of the cleverest spies in Europe.

Johann was clever enough with his experiments—though God alone knows to what a pitch he might have carried them.





Johanan ben ZakkaiJohanna