/ jɒŋ /


  1. informal.
    a friend, often used in direct address

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Word History and Origins

Origin of jong1

from Afrikaans

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Example Sentences

Of course, Kim Jong-Un takes an image hit as a Katy Perry-obsessed, margarita-drinking maniac with daddy issues.

“They humanized [Kim Jong-Un] quite a bit,” David Brand, 32, said following the show.

Kim Jong Un is changing role models, steering Pyongyang away from Chinese autocrats toward the ultra-aggressive Vladimir Putin.

Did North Korea hack Sony to punish them for a Seth Rogen movie that taunts Kim Jong-un?

That Kim Jong-un is behind it all—the hack, the theft, the sad red carpet.

But Jong came rapidly to the rescue, stopping for a while on his way to the barrier.

We must take it turn and turn about to watch, Jong doing his share with us.

Look here, Jong,' he called out gently, 'stay where you are and watch.

You had best be up early so that Jong can complete your toilets.

Jong will be too big after such a journey to speak to his countrymen.