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[juhd-er]Chiefly British
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verb (used without object)
  1. to vibrate violently: an old automobile with a clutch that judders.
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  1. a state or instance of juddering.
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Origin of judder

1930–35; perhaps j(olt) + (sh)udder
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Related Words for judder

tremor, reverberation, oscillation, pulse, fluctuation, vacillation, beating, quiver, throb, wave, shimmy, wavering, quake, shake, resonance, pulsation, throbbing, trembling, judder

British Dictionary definitions for judder


  1. (intr) to shake or vibrate
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  1. abnormal vibration in a mechanical system, esp due to grabbing between friction surfaces, as in the clutch of a motor vehicle
  2. a juddering motion
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Word Origin for judder

probably blend of jar ² + shudder
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