1. a combining form representing Judaic or Judaism in compound words:


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Example Sentences

The unsaid fact, of course, is that her search must be a Judeo-Christian one.

The Task Force report is a blend of modern bureaucratese and the old Judeo-Christian tradition of the jeremiad.

Our bedrock Judeo-Christian values are being undermined by secular modernity, it would seem.

Our legal system is more Judeo than Christian, in this case.

Though it might not seem that way if we actually bothered to examine the bedrock of those Judeo-Christian values: the Bible.

And yet, in spite of it all, Judeo-German has remained practically a sealed book to the world.

Steinschneider knows by hearsay only Dick, and denies the practical value of modern Judeo-German.

With these preliminary facts it will not be difficult to see what has taken place in Judeo-German.

The medieval period of Judeo-German literature was by no means confined to the Slavic countries.

In arriving at its present stage, Judeo-German literature of the nineteenth century has passed through several phases.