jugular vein

  1. any of three large veins of the neck that return blood to the heart from the head and face

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How to use jugular vein in a sentence

  • Deeper and deeper the crooked teeth dug; and then with a burst of bright blood, they pierced the jugular vein itself.

    Wild Folk | Samuel Scoville
  • Kill by cutting the jugular vein with a sharp pen-knife, just under the sides of the head, and hang them up to bleed.

    Soil Culture | J. H. Walden
  • (ii) If there be thrombosis of the bulb of the jugular vein.

  • Approach the animal carefully and place the point of the knife against the side of the animal's neck, just over the jugular vein.

    Science of Trapping | Elmer Harry Kreps
  • The ball took effect in John Younger's neck, severing the left jugular vein.

Scientific definitions for jugular vein

jugular vein

[ jŭgyə-lər ]

  1. Either of the two large veins on either side of the neck in mammals that drain blood from the head and return it to the heart.

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