[ joolz; French zhyl ]


  1. a male given name, French form of Julius.

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Example Sentences

HBO released two stand-alone “Euphoria” specials while the series was off air, one focused on Rue and the other on Jules.

Elliot has probably been the season’s most controversial figure, considering the wedge he drove between Rue and Jules and the fact that his presence doesn’t seem that important.

The final screening in the series is “Jules and Jim,” François Truffaut’s 1962 drama and about a tragic love triangle between two friends and a woman they meet, who resembles a statue they have long been enchanted with.

Bennett appeared several times on Weekend Update as the pig-headed contrarian Jules.

From Time

He took the techniques of H. Rider Haggard and Jules Verne and brought them into the 20th century.

As we walk to the bar, we pass a picture of Jules Verne hanging on the wall.

The Verne Club is a hip, steampunky cocktail club in Palermo Soho inspired by, you guessed it, Jules Verne.

Look, Jules is a collaborator here and actually Archie is too, all the actors are.

Like my main character Jules in my novel, I'd grown up in the suburbs.

She had no civil status, but when she married Jules Desmarets her name, Clemence, and her age were publicly announced.

It is interesting to note the impression made by the language upon a Frenchman and a critic of the rank of Jules Lemaître.

But Jules Sandeau objected to this, saying that as she had done all the work, she ought to have all the honour.

What it all comes to is this—M. Jules Simon has said it—“Newspapers are better served than kings and peoples.”

Think what a waistcoat I could have made for you, Jules, out of this scarlet cloth.