[joo-lee-uh t, -et, joo-lee-et; especially for 1 jool-yuh t]
  1. the heroine of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
  2. (used in communications to represent the letter J).
  3. Also Ju·li·ette. a female given name, form of Julia.
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  1. communications a code word for the letter j
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fem. proper name, from Italian Giulietta, diminutive of Giulia "Julia" (see Julia). Cf. French Juliette. Juliet cap (1904) was felt to resemble a type worn in stage productions of "Romeo and Juliet."

A Parisian fancy which is finding little favor here, is the Juliet cap. It is a net of beads or of meshed cord jewelled or beaded at the intersections. Clustered bunches of blossoms and foliage are set at each side of the cap, above the ears. ["Fabrics, Fancy-Goods & Notions," trade publication, New York, January 1904]
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