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jumping jack

  1. a toy consisting of a jointed figure that is made to jump, move, or dance by pulling a string or stick attached to it.
  2. Also called side-straddle hop [sahyd-strad-l] /ˈsaɪdˈstræd l/. a conditioning exercise performed by starting from a standing position with legs together and arms resting at the sides and then jumping to a position with the legs spread apart and out to the sides while simultaneously extending the arms out from the sides to an overhead position with the hands touching and finishing by reversing these movements to return to the starting position.
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Origin of jumping jack

An Americanism dating back to 1860–65
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Examples from the Web for jumping jack

Historical Examples

  • Well, Felicia, stop that jumping-jack business and I'll begin.

    The Plow-Woman

    Eleanor Gates

  • But, oh, if only the Doctor would insist a little on the jumping-jack!

    A Melody in Silver

    Keene Abbott

  • Before Bilby could reply or anybody else could speak, Copley came to his feet with all the suddenness of a jumping-jack.

  • Moving like a jumping-jack, Dans right hand reached for the lever of the engine-room telegraph.

  • "Oil nearly out, sir," were the words that brought Roque to his feet like a jumping-jack.

British Dictionary definitions for jumping jack

jumping jack

  1. a firework having a long narrow tube filled with gunpowder, folded like an accordion so that when lit it burns with small explosions causing it to jump along the ground
  2. a toy figure of a man with jointed limbs that can be moved by pulling attached strings
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