[ juhng-guh l ]
/ ˈdʒʌŋ gəl /


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Origin of jungle

1770–80; < Hindi jaṅgal < Pali, Prakrit jaṅgala rough, waterless place

Related formsjun·gled, adjectiveun·der·jun·gle, noun

Jungle, The


a novel (1906) by Upton Sinclair.
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/ (ˈdʒʌŋɡəl) /


an equatorial forest area with luxuriant vegetation, often almost impenetrable
any dense or tangled thicket or growth
a place of intense competition or ruthless struggle for survivalthe concrete jungle
a type of fast electronic dance music, originating in the early 1990s, which combines elements of techno and ragga
US slang (esp in the Depression) a gathering place for the unemployed, etc
Derived Formsjungly, adjective

Word Origin for jungle

C18: from Hindi jangal, from Sanskrit jāngala wilderness

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Word Origin and History for jungle



1776, from Hindi jangal "desert, forest, wasteland, uncultivated ground," from Sanskrit jangala-s "arid, sparsely grown with trees," of unknown origin. Specific sense of "land overgrown by vegetation in a wild, tangled mass" is first recorded 1849; meaning "place notoriously lawless and violent" is first recorded 1906, from Upton Sinclair's novel (cf. asphalt jungle, 1949, William R. Burnett's novel title, made into a film 1950 by John Huston; blackboard jungle, 1954, Evan Hunter's novel title, movie in 1955). Jungle gym was a trademark name, 1923, by Junglegym Inc., Chicago, U.S. Jungle bunny, derogatory for "black person," attested from 1966.

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see law of the jungle.

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