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junk shop

  1. a shop selling miscellaneous secondhand goods
  2. derogatory a shop selling antiques
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Examples from the Web for junk shop

Historical Examples of junk shop

  • His room was a combination of a sorcerer's den and junk-shop.

    The Eternal Boy

    Owen Johnson

  • His attire was nondescript, as though he had patronized the junk-shop of both armies.

    My Lady of the North

    Randall Parrish

  • For a permanent camp you can generally get something second-hand at a stove-dealer's or the junk-shop.

    How to Camp Out

    John M. Gould

  • Apparently a junk-shop; apparently a hospital connected with a patent office—in reality, the mines of Golconda in disguise!

    The American Claimant

    Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

  • Stires had shut up his junk-shop for a time and stayed strictly at home.