[ yoo ng-kuhrs ]
/ ˈyʊŋ kərs /


Hu·go [hoo-gaw] /ˈhu gɔ/, 1859–1935, German aircraft designer and builder.

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[ juhng-ker ]
/ ˈdʒʌŋ kər /

noun Slang.

a car that is old, worn out, or in bad enough repair to be scrapped.

Origin of junker

1880–85, Americanism, for an earlier sense; junk1 + -er1

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[ yoo ng-ker ]
/ ˈyʊŋ kər /


a member of a class of aristocratic landholders, especially in East Prussia, strongly devoted to militarism and authoritarianism, from among whom the German military forces recruited a large number of its officers.
a young German, especially Prussian, nobleman.
a German official or military officer who is narrow-minded, haughty, and overbearing.

Origin of Junker

1545–55; < German; Old High German junchērro, equivalent to junc young + hērro Herr
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/ (ˈjʊŋkəz) /


Hugo. 1859–1935, German aircraft designer. His military aircraft were used in both World Wars

British Dictionary definitions for junkers (2 of 2)


/ (ˈjʊŋkə) /


history any of the aristocratic landowners of Prussia who were devoted to maintaining their identity and extensive social and political privileges
an arrogant, narrow-minded, and tyrannical German army officer or official
(formerly) a young German nobleman

Derived Forms

Junkerdom, nounJunkerism, noun

Word Origin for Junker

C16: from German, from Old High German junchērro young lord, from junc young + hērro master, lord
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