[ joo r-uh; Latin yoo-rah ]
/ ˈdʒʊər ə; Latin ˈyu rɑ /


plural of jus.


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Definition for jura (2 of 4)

[ joo r-uh; French zhy-ra ]
/ ˈdʒʊər ə; French ʒüˈra /


a department in E France. 1952 sq. mi. (5055 sq. km). Capital: Lons-le-Saunier.

Definition for jura (3 of 4)

[ juhs; Latin yoos ]
/ dʒʌs; Latin yus /

noun, plural ju·ra [joo r-uh; Latin yoo-rah] /ˈdʒʊər ə; Latin ˈyu rɑ/. Law.

a right.
law as a system or in the abstract.

Origin of jus

From the Latin word jūs law, right

Definition for jura (4 of 4)

[ zhy; English zhoos, joos ]
/ ʒü; English ʒus, dʒus /

noun French.

juice; gravy.
Compare au jus.
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British Dictionary definitions for jura (1 of 4)

/ (ˈdʒʊərə) /


the plural of jus 1

British Dictionary definitions for jura (2 of 4)

/ (ˈdʒʊərə) /


a department of E France, in Franche-Comté region. Capital: Lons-le-Saunier. Pop: 253 309 (2003 est)). Area: 5055 sq km (1971 sq miles)
a canton of Switzerland, bordering the French frontier: formed in 1979 from part of Bern. Capital: Delémont. Pop: 69 200 (2002 est). Area: 838 sq km (323 sq miles)
an island off the W coast of Scotland, in the Inner Hebrides, separated from the mainland by the Sound of Jura . Pop: 200 (2004 est). Area: 381 sq km (147 sq miles)
a mountain range in W central Europe, between the Rivers Rhine and Rhône: mostly in E France, extending into W Switzerland
a range of mountains in the NE quadrant of the moon lying on the N border of the Mare Imbrium

British Dictionary definitions for jura (3 of 4)

/ (dʒʌs) /

noun plural jura (ˈdʒʊərə) law

a right, power, or authority
law in the abstract or as a system, as distinguished from specific enactments

Word Origin for jus

Latin: law

British Dictionary definitions for jura (4 of 4)

/ (ʒuː, French ʒy) /


a sauce

Word Origin for jus

French: literally, juice
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