jury box


  1. an enclosure where the jury sit in court

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Example Sentences

(So far, during the proceedings, Holmes has been sitting in the jury box heavily guarded by deputies).

Amendola asked, nearly shouting although he stood just a few feet in front of the jury box.

Prosecutor Joe McGettigan delivered a folksy and powerful opening statement, also standing just six feet in front of the jury box.

The eight-man, five-woman panel sits in an elevated jury box on the right side of the courtroom.

As the video began to play, the jurors leaned forward to watch it on a big screen in front of the jury box.

McLaughlan went into the jury-box with a meaning look at Robinson, but without another audible word.

Thus had he turned often from the jury-box and scourged with figure and invective the man in the prisoner's dock.

It would be as unfair to exclude such men from the legislature, or from the polls, as from the jury box.

There is no place at all for the working man to play his part except on occasion in the jury box.

"Prisoner at the bar, stand up," said the clerk; and Bucholz arose immediately, turning his pallid face toward the jury-box.