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  1. nautical set up in a makeshift manner, usually as a result of the loss of regular gear

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Example Sentences

Because women have so little support in combining work and family, everyone is left to do it in her own ad-hoc, jury-rigged way.

In eastern Libya, that often meant a Mad Max charge across the Sahara, armed to the teeth in jury-rigged pickups and sedans.

Designed as a skirt, it was jury-rigged into a dress by Middleton—or by some stage-hand with an eye for provocation.

The filmmakers were shooting their moving target from an adult-size tricycle jury-rigged for the occasion.

That is why the Geithner plan is so complex and jury-rigged, to avoid the need for public requests for more money for banks.

"I wouldn't call our friends vassals, or say the system was jury-rigged," Flannery objected.

She lifts high enough to show the stump of the foremast with head-sails jury rigged.

Perry grinned at the jury-rigged cooler and rummaged around in its mouth for a while.

The Agamemnon had been jury-rigged for the service, her heavy masts and rigging removed, and lighter ropes and spars substituted.

This was no occasion calling for remarkable ingenuity to make some sort of jury-rigged drive.





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