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[ juhk-stuh-pohzd, juhk-stuh-pohzd ]


  1. placed or appearing close together or side by side, especially with an arresting or surprising effect, or in a way that invites comparison or contrast:

    The director handles the juxtaposed strands of the movie deftly, interweaving psychological intrigue with smartly observed comedy.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of juxtapose ( def ).

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Example Sentences

This technique allowed Mehring to juxtapose color fields — in this case, gold and blue — with simple geometric shapes.

This metaphor raises a lot of questions when juxtaposed with the rest of the lyrics of the song.

And at Waddesdon Manor last year, items were placed in certain places, juxtaposed with objects that look entirely different.

And, while there are many startlingly violent scenes, they are juxtaposed with beauteous ones.

He piques all your senses, but the details are further juxtaposed with raw descriptions of suffering and death.

It is against their wholeness that the incomplete impressions of the recent past or present are juxtaposed.

Their body is compressed and not covered with ordinary scales, but with small juxtaposed scutes.

Thus it happened that in Eustacia's brain were juxtaposed the strangest assortment of ideas, from old time and from new.

One could not react too carefully juxtaposed against glaring opposites in a universe filled with few resolutions.

This military criticism and technical discussion juxtaposed to the epic prelude and the epic sequel is a clever device enough.

The two things—elements—don't somehow illustrate each other, and are juxtaposed only by the terrible globe-shrinkage.


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