[ kah-bool, -buhl, kuh-bool ]

  1. a city in and the capital of Afghanistan, in the NE part.

  2. a river flowing E from NE Afghanistan to the Indus River in Pakistan. 360 miles (580 km) long.

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/ (kəˈbʊl, ˈkɑːbəl) /

  1. the capital of Afghanistan, in the northeast of the country at an altitude of 1800 m (5900 ft) on the Kabul River : over 3000 years old, with a strategic position commanding passes through the Hindu Kush and main routes to the Khyber Pass; destroyed and rebuilt many times; capital of the Mogul Empire from 1504 until 1738 and of Afghanistan from 1773; university (1932). Pop: 3 288 000 (2005 est)

  2. a river in Afghanistan and Pakistan, rising in the Hindu Kush and flowing east into the Indus at Attock, Pakistan. Length: 700 km (435 miles)

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Cultural definitions for Kabul


[ (kah-bool, kuh-boohl) ]

Capital of Afghanistan and largest city in the country, located in eastern Afghanistan.

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Strategically situated in a high, narrow valley wedged between two mountain ranges, it is near the main approaches to the Khyber Pass, an old trade and invasion route.

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