kaffir corn

sometimes US kafir corn

  1. an old-fashioned and now taboo name for a Southern African variety of sorghum, cultivated in dry regions for its grain and as fodder: Sometimes shortened to: kaffir, (US) kafir

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How to use kaffir corn in a sentence

  • Kaffir-corn, wheat, cow-peas—in fact any wholesome grain—may be used, the more variety the better.

    The Dollar Hen | Milo M. Hastings
  • At about one week of age whole Kaffir-corn, and, a little later whole wheat, can be used to replace the more expensive feeds.

    The Dollar Hen | Milo M. Hastings
  • Nearly all varieties of millet and kaffir corn thrive well in Cuba and furnish a very nutritious food for both stock and poultry.

    The History of Cuba, vol. 5 | Willis Fletcher Johnson
  • Or an ounce of wheat bran or kaffir corn meal stirred into the milk will be helpful.

  • Varieties are grown in many parts of Africa, one of them being known as kaffir corn.