[ kuh-hoo-nuh ]


  1. (in Hawaii) a Native medicine man or priest.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of kahuna1

Borrowed into English from Hawaiian around 1885–90

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Example Sentences

The Big Kahuna Beach Wagon only weighs in at 75 pounds, but with its 12-inch-wide wheels specifically designed for use on sand, it’s capable of carrying up to 350 pounds of fishing equipment, beach gear, even a Yeti Tundra.

Big Kahuna Burger is a fictional chain of Hawaiian-themed fast food burger joints out in Los Angeles dreamed up by Tarantino.

That Tarantino never opened a real-life Big Kahuna Burger out in L.A. seems like a huge missed opportunity.

Which brings us to The Expendables 3—the big kahuna of boarding.

NBCC president John Freeman made the introduction: “And now to announce the big kahuna…” The crowd hissed.

When a Kanaka has endured an injury he hires a kahuna to pray his enemy to death.

The kahuna tells him that his conduct has displeased some god or goddess and that he must die.

The sacerdotal order had its origin in Paao, whose descendants have always been regarded as the Kahuna maoli.

The Kahunaanaana and the Kahunalapaau have never been considered as belonging to the high caste of Kahuna maoli.

The many known examples of their criminal use inclines us to believe that these kahuna were rather poisoners than magicians.