[ kahy-lahs ]

  1. a mountain in SW Tibet: highest peak of the Kailas Range in the Himalaya Mountains: sacred to Hindus and Buddhists. 22,028 feet (6,714 meters).

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How to use Kailas in a sentence

  • Every horse year, and accordingly every twelfth year, crowds of pilgrims come to Kailas.

  • Immediately beyond the monastery the summit of Kailas is lost to view, but soon a bit of it is seen again through a gap.

  • Kailas turns a sharp edge to the north, and from here the peak resembles a tetrahedron more than ever.

  • On our right is the river which is fed by the glaciers of Kailas; it is quite short, but is very full of water.

  • They were from Kham, and from that part of the country “where the last men dwell,” and had been a year on the way to Kailas.