/ (ˈkaɪŋə) /

  1. (in New Zealand) a Māori village or small settlement: Also called (on South Island): kaik

Origin of kainga


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How to use kainga in a sentence

  • I would give him a piece quite close to the kainga, where I would always have him close to me.

    Old New Zealand: | 'A Pakeha Maori' [Frederick Edwa [Maning]
  • At the first crack of the firearms the kainga was awake; and what a scurry there was!

  • Reconnoitring the kainga in the light of the risen moon Hugh stealthily approached the palisade surrounding it.

  • The father was the principal chief of the kainga, and, as it turned out, cousin to Bent's rangatira Tito.

  • Others ran to the cooking hangis, and with burning sticks from the ovens set fire to some of the thatched houses in the kainga.