abbreviation for

  1. kalends.

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Example Sentences

Half an hour later, the deputy chief of mission walked into the computer room, and told him about the downed flight, KAL 007.

In the hours after KAL 007 was shot down, false reports reigned.

Sometime in the early hours of the day KAL 007 was shot down, Beck arrived at his workstation at the embassy.

The 1983 downing of KAL 007 sharpened American tensions with the Soviet Union to heights not seen since the Cuban missile crisis.

Kevin (Kal Penn), her boyfriend at the time, breaks up with her.

Antepaschal, an-te-pas′kal, adj. relating to the time before Easter.

Antimonarchical, an-ti-mon-ark′i-kal, adj. opposed to monarchy and monarchical principles.

Pittacal, pit′a-kal, n. a blue substance obtained from wood-tar oil and used in dyeing.

Polysymmetrical, pol-i-si-met′ri-kal, adj. divisible into exactly similar halves by more than one plane.

It was said that the villagers in the Kal State lost 90 per cent.