[ kalb; German kahlp ]


  1. Jo·hann [yoh, -hahn], Baron de Kalb, 1721–80, German general in the American Revolutionary Army.

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Example Sentences

The Kalb of the book is so young, earnest and anxious about making good in his new field that every assignment manages to inspire genuine suspense.

Kalb decided to remain in Moscow, his dream assignment, for two more years.

With his wife, Mady, who had been pursuing a PhD in Soviet studies at Columbia University, Kalb arrives in Moscow in May 1960 to reestablish a CBS News bureau.

Excerpted from the book The Road to War: Presidential Commitments Honored and Betrayed by Marvin Kalb.

De Kalb was full of saloons, and there was one on almost every road corner in the county.

For their own purposes my enemies have passed the word that I am here as the Baron de Kalb's paid spy.

His aids immediately covered him with their bodies, exclaiming, 'Save the Baron de Kalb!

On account of the steep and stony nature of the De Kalb stony loam little of the type can possibly be cultivated.

See this arrest executed without a moment's delay, and let Marshal von Kalb be informed that I wish to see him immediately.