[kalb; German kahlp]


Jo·hann [yoh-hahn] /ˈyoʊ hɑn/, Baron de Kalb, 1721–80, German general in the American Revolutionary Army.

de Kalb

[di kalb]


Baron. Johann Kalb.
a city in N Illinois.
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Historical Examples of kalb

  • General Kalb, who had done much to organize the American army, was killed.

  • The door-bell rang and roused Charlotte von Kalb from her dreams.

  • After a few minutes had expired, Charlotte von Kalb entered the reception-room with a clear brow and smiling countenance.

  • Charlotte von Kalb received this intelligence with so much joy, that Schiller could not help feeling pleased himself.

  • There is the house in which Madame von Kalb lives, a modest little house at the entrance of the park.