[ kal-uh-spel, kal-uh-spel ]


  1. a city in NW Montana.

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Example Sentences

Kalispell’s former health director, Joe Russell, came out of retirement to temporarily run the department after two successors fled, worn out by toxic politics that included Bukacek’s increasing sway in the valley.

Downtown Kalispell had become a crush of traffic, starting at sunrise, with drivers more impatient than ever.

No one would mistake the outspoken former Kalispell mayor for a big-government liberal.

The rising illness gave Kari Elliott pause in September as she started her 27th year teaching fourth-graders in Kalispell.

At the Home Depot in Kalispell, they bought two more air conditioners, one for their room and one for the living room.

Last month, an apparent pro-life vandal destroyed the abortion clinic in Kalispell, Montana.

“We were holed up at the Outlaw Inn in Kalispell, Montana, for five months,” Burnett recalls.

He came often by boat from Kalispell and remained for several hours each time.

They were evidently passengers en route across the reservation, or waiting to go up the Flathead Lake and river to Kalispell.

His mother explained that they had just returned from Kalispell and that she was glad they were at home when he arrived.

Several guests who had come from Kalispell the day before to see the Indian celebration were with Mrs. West in the living-room.

Why, you see I am to be in camp ten days with some friends from Kalispell who are coming down for the fall birds.