[ kahm ]


  1. a Kam-Tai language spoken in southern China.

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Example Sentences

Kam’s team also looked at whether the recruits’ thoughts had been related to the arrow task.

Kam’s team published its findings January 18 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Kam previously worked at the University of California, Berkeley.

Kam knew how much minds wander and how hard it can be to focus for a long time.

The family-run business believes in the powers of natural, local, and raw honey Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm owners Kam and Summer Johnson started keeping bees thanks to their young son, Zach.

From Eater

"The assurance is as dew upon the drooping lotus," said Kwo Kam, with a lightening countenance.

And this very moment they all heard the voice of Gulab-Sing coming from the upper cell: "Tum-hare iha aneka kya kam tha?"

He then adjourned the council, expressing the hope that Kam-i-ah-kan and Garry would be present the next day.

Many conflicting rumors were current as to the whereabouts of Kam-i-ah-kan and other hostile chiefs.

Kam dir deine Musik aus dem Innern, empfandest du sie, so wird sie auch so auf Andere wirken.