[ kuhn-duh-hahr ]


  1. a city in S Afghanistan.


/ ˌkændəˈhɑː /


  1. a city in S Afghanistan: an important trading centre, built by Ahmad Shah Durrani (1724–73) as his capital on the site of several former cities. Pop: 436 000 (2005 est)

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Example Sentences

An armed Predator drone flew over the southern province of Kandahar, known as the Taliban’s capital, which was the home of Mullah Mohammad Omar, the group’s supreme leader.

The most powerful advocates are those people — a teacher in Kabul, an accountant in Kandahar who says, This is my life.

According to Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the research group Afghanistan Analysts Network, Akhund was one of the key contacts in Kandahar for the Taliban leadership as well as the UN.

From Time

This man and his family already got out of Kandahar and fled to Kabul.

Earlier in February, the Taliban had signed an agreement with the US to prevent insurgents from capturing the two capitals, Kandahar in the south and Badghis in the north.

From Quartz

In the volatile southern province of Kandahar, for instance, an innovative school for teenage girls will soon close its doors.

I'm not sure he remembered our meeting in Kandahar, probably not, but it felt like the other day to me.

At the prefab dorms on the American base in Kandahar, I ran into my neighbor from the bunk next door.

Not surprisingly, Zakir flatly refused to comply with the order that demoted him to commander of Kandahar Province.

Solha was plucked off the streets of Kandahar City as a puppy by one of Jake's Afghan interpreters.

The view to the south is extensive, and the plain in the direction of Kandahar stretches to the horizon.

Brigadier-General Burrows, who had two horses shot under him during the engagement, was amongst the last to reach Kandahar.

The news of his approach spread rapidly, and had the most disturbing effect in Kandahar and its neighbourhood.

This route passes well to the north-east of Kandahar, which was apparently of little account in Idrisi's days.

His final effort to reach the Punjab by the already well-worn roads which lead by Kandahar and Shikarpur was unsuccessful.


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