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  1. Gar·son [gahr-suh n] /ˈgɑr sən/, 1912–1999, U.S. playwright, actor, and director.
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Historical Examples

  • The 14th to the 19th July, new style, were passed on the coast of Kanin Nos.

    The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, Volume I and Volume II

    A.E. Nordenskieold

  • They had already determined that they would at any rate make for the Kanin Peninsula, and would then be guided by the weather.

    Condemned as a Nihilist

    George Alfred Henty

  • Four long days' paddling took them there, and an equal time brought them to the western point of the Kanin Peninsula.

    Condemned as a Nihilist

    George Alfred Henty

  • Hence they borrowed the French name conin, which they altered into kanin; and have since formed the diminutive kaninchen.