or Ka·pi·tza

[ kah-pyi-tsuh ]
/ ˈkɑ pyɪ tsə /


Pyotr L(e·o·ni·do·vich) [pyawtr lyi-uh-nyee-duh-vyich] /pyɔtr lyɪ ʌˈnyi də vyɪtʃ/, 1894–1984, Russian physicist: Nobel Prize 1978.
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Science definitions for kapitsa


[ käpyĭ-tsə ]
Pyotr Leonidovich 1894-1984

Russian physicist who developed equipment capable of generating powerful magnetic fields, which he used to make several discoveries in the area of low-temperature physics. For this work he shared with American physicists Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson the 1978 Nobel Prize for physics.
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