[ kap-luhn ]


  1. Mor·de·cai Me·na·hem [mawr, -di-kahy , mey, -n, uh, -hem, m, uh, -, nah, -hem], 1881–1983, U.S. religious leader and educator, born in Lithuania: founder of the Reconstructionist movement in Judaism.

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Example Sentences

In a survey conducted by Quest Research and the Kaplan test-prep company, they were four times as likely to say they’d hire an English major with a credential in cybersecurity than an English major without one.

The courses are being run in partnership with Kaplan and will also be available to alumni.

Because of Kaplan’s and Zuckerberg’s worries about alienating conservatives, the team stayed focused on bias.

In 2020, the Washington Post reported that Kaplan’s team had undermined efforts to mitigate election interference and polarization within Facebook, saying they could contribute to anti-conservative bias.

In 2014, Kaplan was promoted from US policy head to global vice president for policy, and he began playing a more heavy-handed role in content moderation and decisions about how to rank posts in users’ news feeds.

He had been in a seven-year relationship, with his husband Michael Kaplan.

“For her, everything was a celebration,” Tziporah Salamon reflects on Kaplan.

In his biography, Frank, James Kaplan relates that when Sinatra was ill, the producer sat by his hospital bed for hours on end.

Kaplan, the editor and critic, and Lincoln, the writer, are a wonderful combination.

Lunch with Peter Kaplan—a ritual as stylized as Kabuki, minus the face paint.

Kaplan Giraj pressed Halil's hand by way of expressing his gratitude for this mark of confidence.

Even had nothing been preconcerted, Kaplan Giraj's sword must needs have leaped from its sheath at these mortally insulting words.

His hard gray eyes bored into the lab organizer and Kaplan slunk back.

It was designed by Liebenberg and Kaplan of Minneapolis in 1930.

Straight gain for the last quarter, observed Kaplan, the lab organizer.